PORTABLE WELDERS: A Convenient, Inexpensive 120 Volt Option for Beginners

Earlier this week I got an email from a subscriber named Michael, wondering about getting started with MIG welding at his home and cottage. He’s interested in taking my welding course, but concerned about buying the equipment needed to try welding without knowing for sure if he’ll like it. The solution to this “chicken and egg” situation is one of the small, portable and inexpensive MIG welders on the market now.

The video below shows the Kicking Horse F130 portable welder in action. Even though I have a large MIG welder in my shop, it’s also handy to have a portable unit that can plug into a 120 volt outlet. This welder costs less than $250 CAD delivered, and is a great way to test the waters and see if you like welding. Warning: Most handy people end up loving the ability to join metal once they’ve tried it.

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I hope you found this video useful. Consider joining us in the course and add a powerful skill to your home workshop capabilities.  Lots of fun and money-back guarantee on the course itself.

– Steve Maxwell