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Brick ties are hidden pieces of hardware that tie brick veneer to the underlying wall frame of some modern house. Conventional brick ties are one of those common construction details that strikes me as just barely good enough to do the job, and that’s why I went searching for something better.

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The Simpson Strong-Tie BTH  brick tie is different. That’s what you see above. It’s the best example I’ve seen of a high-end tie that’s also economical and widely available. Large air space capacity is one reason why. The BTH can accommodate wider-than-usual spaces between the masonry and the underlying wall frame. It’s the only option I’ve seen for tying brick veneer or manufactured stone to a wood or metal framework with up to a 3” air space between. 

Strength is another reason the BTH tie impresses me. Unlike regular zig-zag brick ties, the BTH is angled in cross section, creating a tie that’s rigid both in compression and tension. It’s also easy to bend the nailing tab on the BTH to customize it for different air space gaps. Just determine a desired gap width, then bend accordingly before using a screw or nail to anchor the tie to the frame.  The BTH brick tie is available from Simpson Strong-Tie dealers. I had to wait a week or so for my local building supplier to get a case in for me, so plan ahead.

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– Steve Maxwell