TILE DRAINING FARMLAND: Watch & See How We Improved 27 Acres at Our Place

Crops need water, but too much water in the soil is bad. That’s because excess water restricts plant growth and encourages shallow rooting that’s susceptible to drought as the season dries out. A little more than half of our farmland is (was) too wet, and this meant we were leaving productivity on the table. This is why I called in a tile drainage contractor to make things better. Watch and learn what tile drainage is, how it’s installed and how it can boost agricultural productivity by 25% to 50% depending on conditions.

Lyndon Martin, the owner of Agdrain, created a very helpful drainage plan that impressed me the moment I saw it. You can see the plan below. Click to download a larger image if you want to see details.

Click to download high-res version of this drainage plan.

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