The description for the category goes here. Ideally, we can introduce the topic very thoroughly and cover 3-5 paragraphs that answer the basic premise – What is X?

The Background image is selected for the purpose but I’m not certain design wise that it’s necessary? It looks cool but it might take away from readability and accessibility which is pretty important.

These paragraphs need not be long like a traditional SEO article – ostensibly we want people to view this as a clearinghouse for information or a category. The details and data should be easily accessible in the story.

The section to the right serves as a launchpad for a quick reference. Please ignore the styling and content, it’s just a placeholder for a box similar to the one on the home page.

Ideally it’ll be 3-5 links long and contain a link to the following for every developed solar system:

1. Introductory/Beginner article that discusses the topic.
2. A Glossary of Terms Article (Optional, but useful to users as a reference tool)
3. The Most Recent Article in the Solar System.
4. An article reaching for commercial searches. (Best MIG Welders)

Contextual internal linking

Below that we’re going to conversationally introduce the rest of our VITAL solar system topics, using the contextual hyperlink format. This paragraph would introduce a problem and offer the solution in the form of a link off page.

Question about the Topic

There’s no limit to these. As the solar system grows we might add or revise this area with new contextual links. There might be advantages to setting up contextual links as a custom field on standard posts for maintainence purposes. Let’s talk about this!

In the context of this woodworking topic this might look like the following:

What’s the Most Important Woodworking Tool.

The most important tool that you have when working with wood is your brain. Don’t think so? The best woodworkers save time performing the most repetitive and complex tasks by working with specialized jigs and attachments designed to assist with doing the work properly. I spent a really long time trying to achieve consistent results with my joinery but it wasn’t until I started using jigs that the work really came together. Look at these innovative woodworking jigs and you’ll see what I mean.

See what I mean?

The above example is an internal link to an article wrapped around a sweet SEO text string. There’s a lot of utility to being thoughtful in our application of solar-system links in this context.

Ideally we’ll have several of these paragraphs with links followed by the remaining articles in the system or category. What do you think?