What should I use to strip paint off one outside wall of my house?

What should I use to strip paint off one outside wall of my house? The last time I stripped before painting I used a propane torch on the other walls, but that was before I realized I was dealing with lead paint. Now I’m thinking that a commercial paint stripper might be safer.

You’re definitely wise to avoid using a torch if lead really is involved because the heat can vapourize this toxic metal, causing real health risks.

As for a stripper, by favourite type of application is called Greensolv. It works amazingly well on just about everything. I get mine from Lee Valley Tools If lead weren’t involved, then I’d suggest a water-soluble deck stripper. That way you could just roll it on, then use a pressure washer to blast off all the crinkly paint. But that would certainly be a dangerous approach with any lead-based coating because toxins would be broadcast far and wide over your yard and gardens. Instead, you need to wear gloves and goggles, then scrape the goop off before disposing of it all as toxic waste.

Before you get started, buy a lead test kit and analyze your paint. If it doesn’t contain lead, then you might also consider using a heavy-duty wire brush attachment on an angle grinder. These do a great job removing loose paint quickly and inexpensively.