FROST SEEDING IN CANADA: See How to Plant in Winter and Why


Frost seeding is the practice of broadcasting certain kinds of seeds on frozen ground near the end of winter. Sounds crazy, but it works. Frost seeding is an effective way to improve the species makeup of pastures without plowing, discing and reseeding bare ground. Why bother? More nutritious pasture that delivers higher protein content to our cattle making for healthier animals and more growth and gain from a given area of ground. Some excellent species for frost seeding include birdsfoot trefoil, white dutch clover, alsike clover and ladino clover.

Click above for a video tour of frost seeding in action. I do this work as the last remnants of snow remain, usually March or April.  I think you’ll like the classic 1953 Farmall Super H I use for this job. It’s the perfect little machine for the work. Small, easy to handle, very frugal on fuel, and with a good old, classic old sound. This tractor is 68 years old in 2021, it starts in all weather and runs perfectly. The most recent thing I had to repair on it was the ignition coil last summer. The only repair before that happened 25 years ago when I changed the points and condenser. There’s a lot to be said for simplicity of the old designs.