GROW YOUR HANDS-ON SKILLS: Online Course Tour & Labour Day Specials

Would you like to have more hands-on skills in your life and have more creative fun?  Since 2007, hundreds of people have taken my various online courses covering hands-on skills for renovations, woodworking, metalworking and more. To celebrate Labour Day this year you can get any course for 22% off. That’s a 22% discount for 2022. Use the code LABOURDAY22 at checkout to save money.

People tell me my courses have enriched and transformed their lives with practical capabilities they’ve never had before. Some people have even built their own tiny houses with one of my courses, never having done this sort of thing before. Others are welding great projects from steel in their garage, or building new kitchen or bathroom cabinets. More than a few homeowners have revived their own failed septic systems without professional help, avoiding the cost and hassle of a full-blown septic system replacement. There are people who are happily working with wood for the first time and loving it.

Skills I Teach

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How My Online Courses Work

Since many people are new to the idea of online courses, this article explains how they work, what you can expect, and how hundreds of people around the world have developed real-world skills by taking them.

  1. All Courses Are Online: This lets you learn anywhere and at any time, all at your own pace.
  2. Buy a Course & Get Me: Every good course has an instructor, and I’m the instructor for all my own courses. I’m here to answer questions by email, phone or Zoom.
  3. Unlimited, Lifetime Access: People learn at different speeds, so there’s never any rush with my courses. Proceed at your own pace.
  4. Money-Back Guarantee: I’m hardly ever asked for a refund, but if a course isn’t working for you, just let me know. If you’re not happy, I want to return your money.


Water well course: Thank you so much for your time and effort in putting the water well course together. I found it not only helpful but interesting! – MH

MIG welding course: It has been a very enjoyable pleasure going through these easy to follow and understand classes. I’m very excited to get started on a new adventure in welding. Due to your class on the equipment, I did my research on welders and found that the Lincoln 210 was a great match for my needs. I’m also excited to tackle the little wood stove plan from your course, as I do a lot of camping. I am hoping that the Building Tiny House classes will be as enjoyable, as I will be taking it, with you in a few weeks . I just again want to say THANKS!! – EH

I left positive feedback on the website for the MIG class we just finished. I really enjoyed it and now look forward to lots of seat-time. The pace was just right for me and the level of detail was good as well. I hope they’ll be other similar classes in the future. Overall very pleased and appreciate your time and quick responses. – KP

I truly enjoyed being part of your MIG WELDING FOR BEGINNERS course. The information you provide via written and videos material is very well put together and easy to follow. I truly was a beginner,  never having even owned equipment nor additional tools. I will keep my eye out for any additional courses you have on these topics. – RM 

Woodworking course: Thank you for sharing your woodworking expertise through this course! I am recently retired and want to get back into working with my hands after working for many years at a desk. – JA

I learned a lot and really enjoy your teaching style. I spent my career in the plumbing business, and now am learning some woodworking! – DL

Thank you so much for your time and effort in putting this course together. I found it not only helpful but interesting! – MH

Sharpening course: Even for an old-timer in woodworking (nearly half a century now), buying your course was worthwhile. In addition to the clear text, the videos give a leisurely look at the equipment and processes in action. And when I didn’t find the guidance I needed to get honing compound to stick to a new felt wheel, an email to you was all it took to get that information. – DW

Tiny House: I want to thank you for the Cozy Cabin plan and course I purchased from you almost two years ago. I have followed your plan and am happy with the result. – WB

Solar generator: The diagrams, instructional videos and written instructions in your Build Your Own Solar Generator course were very helpful for understanding and constructing by own generator.  I’ve tested the unit, charged the battery and had a”eureka” moment when it produced 110 volt power from the sun.  Hopefully hurricane season on the east coast will not press it into service, but if so, it’s ready to go.  – BV