LAMINATE FLOORING: Download a Free Hands-On How-To Guide

UPDATED 11Sep2020 + downloadable guide below: Laminate flooring first came to North America in the early 1990s. I remember testing the first batch that Pergo brought to Canada and thinking that this stuff was silly and would not last. How wrong a person can be! One of the nicest things about laminate flooring is that you don’t need to be an expert carpenter to install it. Besides that, if you choose well, laminates are really tough. and long lasting.

Here I am installing some laminate flooring with Joseph, one of our brood of kids. Get kids involved when they’re young and they’re likely to remember and use the skills you taught them.

Looking for a DIY project for next weekend?  Why not get to that flooring project you were considering?  Here are my best tips and detailed tricks for choosing and installing the right laminate wood flooring product for your home.

Click the image to download a PDF copy of my installation guide. It’s free.

Choosing & Installing Laminate Wood Flooring

choosing and installing laminate wood flooring from steve maxwell