Father’s Day Online Course Special 20% Off

Back in 2007, I got the idea that online courses might be a popular way to provide value to my audience, and I was right. My first course was on building any deck so it’s better looking and longer lasting, and since then the online course phenomena has taken off. Online courses are here to stay. Creating the world’s best online courses covering practical skills is the main thing I do at the computer these days, and with Father’s Day coming up, I’m offering a 20% discount on my full range course titles.  Got a special someone in your life interested in building skills and competency. Here’s my entire course line up, or check out some of the individual courses below:

Watch the video below for more information about my courses and how the whole course thing works:

I create all these courses myself and I’m the instructor that answers questions. Each course goes into all the detail needed to succeed, and I’m proud to offer them to the world with a money-back guarantee. If you’d like to give a unique, high-quality gift this Father’s Day, and you’d like to support my work, please consider giving a course or two.

All my courses have features people tell me they love:

Self-paced: Each course includes videos, text, photos and illustrations, and can be started and completed at whatever speed you want.

Lifetime access: All courses come with lifetime access to the course materials and to me as an instructor.

Instructor-led: Everyone taking my courses gets full access to me to answer questions and offer direction one-on-one. Most times this happens by email, but photo and video sessions happen when needed.

Satisfaction guarantee: I’ve never seen online courses as detailed and effective as the ones I create, and that’s what learners in my courses tell me. That said, I want to make sure everyone is happy. That’s why I offer a money-back guarantee. I hardly get asked for refunds on course fees, but I insist that everyone be pleased. There’s no risk to you.

What They’re Sawing About My Courses

Here are a few testimonials from the hundreds of happy course-takers about my courses over the years.

Cabinetmaking Course: I took your cabinet class last year, and thought I’d send you a few pics of the finished product.  Thanks for the help and tips.  I used much of what you prescribed in the course. – Jim J.

MIG Welding: I truly enjoyed being part of your MIG WELDING FOR BEGINNERS course. The information you provide via written and videos material IS very well put together and easy to follow. I truly was a beginner,  never having even owned equipment nor additional tools. I will keep my eye out for any additional courses you have on these topics. – RM, Chicago, IL

Solar Generator: The diagrams, instructional videos and written instructions in your Build Your Own Solar Generator course were very helpful for understanding and constructing by own generator.  I’ve tested the unit, charged the battery and had a”eureka” moment when it produced 110 volt power from the sun.  Hopefully hurricane season on the east coast will not press it into service, but if so, it’s ready to go.  – Bill Vye, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada 

Woodworking for Beginners: Thank you for sharing your woodworking expertise through this course! I am recently retired and want to get back into working with my hands after working for many years at a desk. – JH, Iowa

Check out my Courses page here, and use the 20% coupon code FATHERSDAY20 to save some money. Thank you very much!

Got questions about how the whole course purchasing, delivery and use happens? Send me an email at [email protected]