Section#3: How to Get Lots of Water From a Weak Well

If you’ve been struggling with limited quantities of water, this section will be the most valuable part of the course for you. That’s because any home without enough water is like a woodstove without enough wood. Nice to have, but not much practical good. If your well runs dry whenever you tackle a couple of loads of laundry in a row, or you need to water your garden during a drought, there’s good news. You may not have to live with your chronic water shortage any more. In fact, you can probably get all the water you could possibly want from the very same well that’s been letting you down for years. Even particularly wimpy wells delivering a measly half-gallon of water per minute (practically a dry hole) can supply more than enough water for an ordinary household when coupled with the right set up. The key is something called the “trickle system”. You won’t find this for sale anywhere. It’s more about the design of your water well system than anything else, and it depends on several pieces of simple technology that work together to make the most of the weak well you’ve got. The results are amazing.

Before you decide if getting lots of water from a weak well is too good to be true, you need to understand something fundamental. While it’s a fact that your weak well may not be able to keep up with the flow rate demanded during periods of medium or heavy water use, most of the time your well is just sitting there doing nothing. Think about it. What portion of each day is a tap actually running? How often are you asking your well to deliver water? Even a busy household only demands water for a relatively short period of total time each day. The key to the trickle system is that it constantly draws and stores water from your well slowly and continually over the entire course of the day and night, even when no tap is actually turned on. Then, when you want a lot of water fast, there it is, stored in a tank, ready to go, with lots of volume.

How much volume? Using the example of a miserly old well that only delivers half a gallon a minute, the trickle system will squeeze out more than 700 gallons of water each day. That’s way more than you need even to keep a large household fully functional with clothes washing, excessive showering, cooking and flushing toilets. I’m not advocating you waste water at any time, but the trickle system means you can forget about running out of water, even without taking it easy on the system.

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