Section#4: Blackout-Proof Water Systems

From everything I see, the supply of grid electricity isn’t as reliable as it used to be, and that’s a problem if you rely on the grid for water. That’s why it makes sense to consider blackout-proof alternatives, either as your main source of water or as a backup to what you have. Power failures mean more trouble for those of us in the country than they do in the city. Without taking steps to change things, no power means no water.

The first thing to understand is that some kind of energy source is necessary for any system that makes water flow, and there are several ways you can go about harnessing an energy source that doesn’t rely on the grid. One way is to not use electricity at all. Options here include the use of a windmill or hand pump. More on this later. If you do decide to go with some kind of electric system, you’ve got a decision to make. Will your water system use a completely alternative system that’s never connected to the grid, or will it be a dual system that can operate both from grid power  when it’s available and non-grid power when it’s not?

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