Intro & Section#1: Food for a Year – Selecting, Producing & Storing 365 Days of Food

“Most folks don’t have but a few days to a week’s worth of food in their houses at any given time. When they run out, they’ll have to forage.”

– Edward M. Wolfe, American novelist


Selecting, Producing & Storing 365 Days Worth of Food

Convenience breeds dependency, and today’s situation with food is a prime example. While a just-in-time, eat-from-the-supermarket lifestyle is easy to enjoy, it’s also diminished the skills, foresight and food preservation know-how that most human communities have successfully practiced for thousands of years. The fact that you and I are here is proof that humanity doesn’t need a modern food system to survive. It’s nice while it works, but not necessary. That said, the fact that civilized society would quickly collapse if the current food system shut down for even 3 or 4 days is proof that convenience always comes at a cost.

This course is all about overcoming the vulnerability bred by our modern food system. And as you’ll see, building a trustworthy emergency food supply needs to be different and better than what most people might stash away for themselves in a pantry or basement cold room. This is key because so many of today’s ideas about food preparedness are all theory and no practice. You can’t simply buy a big crate of “survival food” and be properly prepared for an actual, long-term emergency. What you really need is a hands on, heavy-duty, big-gun approach that actually works, and that’s what you’ll get here. Use as much or as few of the projects as you like to create your own DIY sustainable food strategy for your home and family.

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What This Course Delivers

There are many philosophies behind the preparation of an emergency food supply. This course springs from one particular way of looking at things. I believe that a large, independent personal food system is a prudent thing to create given the state of the world we live in.  Food survival prep is one of the best options for keeping you and your family fed after a breakdown of major systems where you live. After taking this course you will know how to:

  1. Confidently buy, store and prepare the quantities and types of foods you’ll need to keep your family alive and healthy for 365 days without a single trip to the grocery store.
  2. Understand how to build a survival root cellar as the heart of an emergency food system that works in the real world.
  3. Plan and react wisely to events that could take place when emergency foods are needed.
  4. Grow substantial amounts of food when times get tough and success really matters.
  5. Build a smoke house for preserving meat in all seasons.
  6. Make your own solar food dryer for electricity-free food preservation.

How to Use This Course

Thank you for being part of this course. I’m Steve Maxwell, creator of this course and many others on hands-on, self-reliant living. Click here to see all that I offer. As you work through the instructions, plans and videos, remember that I’m always standing by to help with questions you have. Perhaps the biggest help I can give you is working one-on-one as you figure out exactly how to apply the concepts here to your own life and situation. So feel free to reach out. Email works best. This is, after all, a true course with a real instructor. My family and I live on a rural island in Canada and I live all the stuff I teach. I’d like to see you succeed, so let’s make that happen together.

— Steve Maxwell, Bailey Line Road, Manitoulin Island, Canada

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