Section#2: Survival Gardening & Raising Your Own Food When Times Get Tough

“The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway.”

– Michael Pollan, American author


Survival Gardening is Different

Heavy mulching is a valuable part of survival gardening.

The easier life gets, the less competent people become. That’s certainly the case with food. Never before in human history has food been easier to come by and more plentiful than during the last 50 years in the developed world. And while this is a blessing, it’s also a curse. Most people are so far removed from the reality of food production these days that they haven’t the slightest idea how to produce food for themselves. They couldn’t do it even if their lives depended on it.  Sure, there are plenty of people who grow vegetables as a hobby, but that’s different. A “survival garden” is something else.

The lessons coming up are all about giving you a vision of how five key food-producing strategies can work together in a single system at your place. The approach you end up with will be unique to your situation, your region, your family, your intentions and your skills. That said, your start towards success will probably involve some version of the survival garden fundamentals you’ll find here. Use whichever ones make sense for you and your goals.

Listen to the audio message coming up. It’s important to understand why survival gardening isn’t the same as the ordinary kind of backyard gardening of the kind that many people do.

AUDIO: Why Survival Gardening is Different

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