The Story of Food Self Reliance

The rural island where I live in Canada may be one of the last places in North America where serious stocking up on food was an absolute seasonal necessity. As recently as the late 1950s, retail stores in our local town stocked up in the fall for the rush of buying that people did to put in a whole winter’s worth of supplies in their homes. Ships couldn’t get through winter ice to deliver more food until spring, and people couldn’t drive on island roads because they weren’t plowed.  We didn’t get modern refrigeration where I live until 1953, when electricity became available down our rural road, making home fridges and freezers possible for the first time.

Despite all this, people back then lived and laughed, thrived and raised large families just fine. The old food self-reliance lifestyle isn’t common any more, even where I live, but I still have neighbours and friends who remember the old days when I ask for details. They succeeded outside the modern food system and so can you. The wisdom I’ve learned from these old timers is woven into this course, along with modern advances that work together to make a real-world strategy of food competence and security.

TECH TIP: The Truth About Pre-Packaged Survival Food Kits

There are many companies that offer turn-key survival food packages and some of these are great, as far as they go. So why bother with a hands-on, build-it-yourself survival food strategy? Three reasons. First, laying in your own stash of food costs much less than prepared packages. As usual, you’ll save money doing things for yourself. Second, taking personal responsibility for your own food supply develops competence.  Boosting your competence is what this course is all about.  And third, a survival food system that uses canning, smoking, drying and root cellar storage tastes much better and is more flexible in a real world food emergency.

This course will give you all the detailed information you’ll need to succeed when it comes to boosting your personal food security.