3 Things to Keep in Mind

Let me fill you in on three things that might give you trouble. They’re not technical, but they matter as much as anything to do with a hammer, saw or nails. The first thing has to do with a warning about enthusiasm.

You’ll no doubt have plenty of enthusiasm in your heart if you’ve got what it takes to begin your own cabin building adventure. Enthusiasm is a great and wonderful thing, but it’s also dangerous. It will run out eventually, and unless you’re also fueled by something else, your cabin project will grind to a halt with your mood. Enjoy the enthusiasm while you feel it, but always undergird it with a commitment to complete the work no matter how sick and tired you feel about it. And make no mistake, you’ll probably wish you’d never started your cabin project sometimes.

Second, understand that as a beginner, building any kind of structure will involve lots of skills development. Be patient with the mistakes you make, and don’t be surprised when you run into challenges that seem way beyond your capabilities. Stretching is a normal part of growth, and building your own cabin is definitely a growth experience.

Third, never forget the fact that you’re launching something into history with your cabin. Build following the methods you’ve learned here, and barring any catastrophe, your cabin will go on longer than you will. Quite a bit longer, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Someone, sometime will rely completely on the work you to today to keep them warm and dry, safe and happy. Some of these people will be children and newborns, puppies, kittens and perhaps the elderly. What you build now matters way beyond yourself.

And finally, since this is an electronic book, please take the time to offer reviews on whatever website you bought this from. I’ve done my best to deliver all the value I can with my words, images and video, but you decide whether I’ve succeeded or not. Is there any way I can improve? Letting people know about the quality of things available online is one of the best things the internet offers. Thank you for reading. I hope it will lead to one more great cabin to the world.