Comprehensive Courses Led by Expert Instructor Steve Maxwell

Steve Maxwell's library of online courses gives you the benefit of his years of experience and know-how. You can start learning:

  • How to build and maintain a deck with advanced techniques that few contractors care enough to use.
  • How to achieve food security and independence in challenging times.
  • How to build your very own four-season homestead-style cabin from start to finish.

Those are just three of Steve’s expanding selection of courses, each taught in his engaging and encouraging style, packed with videos, plans and diagrams, and bonus content you won’t find anywhere else.

Here's what homeowners say about Steve Maxwell's Courses

Tons of valuable information based on years of experience. Very valuable to the first time cabinet builder. Presents numerous details that most beginners will encounter, but have not thought about.
Steve was incredibly helpful in answering my many questions!!! He really took the time to explain the intricate details for someone pretty new to wood working. I also enjoyed the videos which gave me a chance to see the techniques in action!
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