Section#3: Moisture-Proofing, Electricity, Plumbing & Tearing Out An Old Basement

If something bad smells in the basement, it will eventually make its way to the attic.~ Anthony Liccione, American author and poet


Depending on your basement, you may be very interested in waterproofing techniques or not interested at all. The issue comes down to whether or not your basement is damp or even wet. Coming up in the lessons in this section are different typical basement wetness scenarios and the recommended actions you should consider to remedy them.

As you study the material here, keep in mind that there are four main sources of water that can cause moisture problems in your basement:

  1. Rainwater and snow melt
  2. Humid air entering a cool basement during hot weather
  3. Water vapour passing through walls and floors.
  4. Ground water.

Different sources of leaked water require different strategies for keeping it out of your basement. Which of the upcoming five moisture scenarios in the upcoming lessons does your basement fit into? These lessons are important and explain what to look for. Figure things out now ahead of time, before you make any plans for finishing your basement.

In This Section...