How to Create a Basement Kitchen

How to Create a Basement Kitchen

Earlier in the course you read some recommendations on kitchen range hoods, but creating an optimal kitchen requires more than just good ventilation. The internal layout of a basement kitchen matters because the relationship between counters and appliances affects your day to day life so much. Watch the video up next for tips on the relative location of kitchen components. As you work through the design process, keep in mind that bathrooms and kitchens are easier to build if their location offers easy access to perimeter walls for exhaust vents. Same goes with utility rooms and any space that will house an HRV/ERV.

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VIDEO: Basement Kitchen Design Layout


Can you get your hands on some old but sturdy wooden kitchen cabinets? You’ll save a ton of money compared with buying new, and a coat of paint can make a big difference to the look and feel of reclaimed cabinets. Watch the quick video up next for tips on painting cabinets properly. An old set of plywood cabinets will get a new lease on life with this treatment. You’ll be surprised how good they look.

VIDEO: How to Repaint Old Cabinets

By the time you finish the lessons in this section, you will:

1. Understand how to build special basement features including bathrooms, saunas, steam rooms.

2. Recognize  the details involved in building a self contained second suite living space in your basement.

3. Understand how to layout a basement kitchen

4. See all the details involved in getting a basement cold room to function properly, plus how to build a basement root cellar

5. Recognize the best practice details for maximizing natural light in a finished basement.

Coming up next section . . . Learn about how to determine an optimal floor plan for your basement. Printable design tools available for download.